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Hi!  Welcome to the Home Pride Jewellery site. The displayed gold and silver rings have been custom designed by me because I felt that there are no prouder a people than Newfoundlanders and what better way to display our heritage than a ring.....that's always with you......because just like Newfoundland....it's never leaves you!

Both the Gold and Sterling Silver rings (picture on ring sizing page) have the island of Newfoundland on the face of the ring with the provincial flag on the side. Both the gold and silver rings have the exact same design. You will need your ring size to place an order.

These rings are natural conversation pieces among all fellow Newfoundlanders and make great gifts for the proud people from the rock! Quality and honesty is what makes us Newfoundlanders. Guaranteed ;money back if not satisfied.

Check out the New Design Additions:

Newfoundland gold and silver earrings

Cape Breton and Ontario rings. Check images on other page

 For further inquiries contact us at:
905 725 4442

Solid 10Kt Gold Rings
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